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We check email from the contact form very regularly - so it's the quickest way to get a message to us - Please use the Contact form below. (we will reply as soon as we possibly can)
You can also phone - or leave a message if we cannot answer immediately.
Please use the landline number if at all possible. 
Mobile numbers that we do not know will not be answered...(Thank the PPI & double glazing clowns for that)

If you are making enquiries about availability of parts / prices - please - if possible - include FULL Part numbers - you can find them on this site (and many other places) - this will make it more likely you are quoted correct information in any reply.
Yamaha Part numbers usually in one of the 2 formats below:
The first 3 numbers is model - 2nd - 5 numbers is the part "type" - the last 2 denote if the part has been updated - 01 will mean it is the 2nd version of that part.
12345-67890-00 - usually nuts / bolts / bearings / springs / studs etc.

Other enquiries - can also contact  Lew Batty at 
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