Meteor Piston info

Meteor Piston Kit

Please note - the Meteor Piston kit is supplied to us from the factory as a kit - and includes the following in the box:
1 x Piston
1 Chrome Ring
1 x Piston Pin
2 x Pin Circlips

We can supply all the other parts necessary for rebuild - including the "Correct" small end bearings - they are not usually included in a "Piston Kit" - as the small end is always part of a Rod kit - check you are getting the full Rod Kit when buying elsewhere...

(Note - these pistons are supplied in a good quality / heavy box for protection - unlike the others !)
Meteor pistons are supplied with "chrome rings" - suitable only for Nicasil plated cylinders - these rings should NEVER be used in the original "Hard Chrome" Yamaha cylinders - a steel ring suitable for hard chrome can be supplied on request. 

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(You can contact Lew Batty at - we both have good stock of these piston kits.)

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