TZ350 Info

This website does not aim (or pretend) to stock all TZ parts you may need -  lots of others doing that - & we're not getting into the price comparison game - just remember - auction sites have costs...

We specialise in trying to keep TZ's going by finding the no longer available parts - or having good quality replacements made - quality is the not negotiable first aim - we will only deal in parts we have either tried ourselves - or know from other trusted sources. (if we say tried & tested - we mean it)

Having said all that - we can usually source all the Genuine Yamaha parts the TZ needs - usually just a few days if not in stock - so feel free to ask - we'll not spin you a tale & if necessary will send you elsewhere to keep you going.

We also try to avoid the costly Payment processors (you know who we mean) - yes may be convenient - but also costly...

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