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So - who are Meteor ?

Meteor are an Italian company - making pistons for many years - for lots of different engine types - must admit - when this project was first looked at - I was very sceptical (like most TZ350 owners) - due to the problems that were seen with some other TZ pistons a while ago.

Quote from the Meteor website:

"METEOR PISTON is specialized since 1952 in the production of aluminum alloyed pistons for internal combustion engines of a wide range of applications."

Lew Batty (based now in Germany) - who sponsors Luke Notton on his TZ350 - had extensive dialogue with the Meteor factory before the production of the first of these pistons - and agreed to use his own engines to test the pistons.

The first set of pistons were fitted to Lew's engine - and had a successful test at Cadwell before the start of the 2015 season - the engine was stripped & checked after that - and the pistons re-fitted for the First race weekend at Hengelo - Luke won his races - the engine was stripped after that & re-assembled again - and so on....through the season - I can check back with Lew on the actual races etc - but - I think you can assume the pistons have had a very extensive test over the year - looking at them when the engine is stripped - you'd hardly know they have done much more than "bedding in" mileage.

Lew Batty - and Luke - are the only people that have extensive knowledge of these pistons from the first time they were run - I have also - due to our association - been kept informed of everything as well - and was very confident & happy to form a partnership with Lew to supply these pistons...

Quite a few people have had the opportunity to see these pistons now - either from Lew - or myself - and anyone that has not - there are photos on this website - if you need more - of course I'm happy to supply those...or anyone welcome to visit me to take a look at them...

PS - I still have plenty of Genuine pistons in stock myself - but I'll be using the Meteor in the future on all my own engines.

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