Meteor Reviews

Al Wilton (New Zealand)

"The pistons come with Caber brand rings which are part of Meteor I think. The bores looked great - no sign of undue wear. I also ran the rings for the whole distance.

I had a good look at the pistons before they went in and there's some nice touches - looks like Meteor have had a G piston and said "right, we need to make a better version of this". Overall shape and key dimensions are the same, but a lot of little tweaks, 35 years of piston development later...little things like redistribution of material to strengthen the intake side, oil retention slots on the pin, side inserted piston ring anti rotation pin and the skirt coating.

Coming out after the 550km's , I was impressed and would still carry these in the spares kit.

Over the years I have used and had a good look at and used the following TZ350 options : Yamaha, Wiseco, Mitaka and Meteors. I have to admit to being very cautious after previous aftermarket piston failures, so wanted to be very sure they hung in okay before commenting."

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