Acoustafil fitting Instructions

Fitting Acoustafil

 If you have a removable baffle tube - it's quite easy to roll the material around the tube & fit the baffle back in the silencer outer.
 If you do not have a removable baffle things get a little more tricky....

We have devised a way of overcoming this problem - not  as easy as with the removable baffle - but should help to fit the packing as it should be - with the correct density of packing.

The  Acoustafil Volume Calculator will allow you to work out how much packing you need - it may look a bit complicated - but as long as you have the dimensions of your silencer entered - it will tell you how many layers of wrap you need - to arrive at the correct density - the "Fill Length metres" (green box) is the figure to look at - after you have entered your dimensions in the Blue Boxes.
There will also be a table below the calculator - showing the diameter of the wrap for each added layer. (to convert inches to centimetres - multiply by 2.54)

This is how the Acoustafil should be fitted - not with the big gap ! - this is just to illustrate the general idea ! 

The use of tubing the same size as the perforated silencer inner tube diameter (preferably smooth tubing) - will allow you to roll the wrap the correct number of times.

Wrap Acoustafil around the tube - then slide into the silencer - You may find it easier by holding in place with some thin wire (not too tight)

Here's an example of a 2.5" perforated tube - with an outer of 6" - (a very big silencer !)
The calculator gives a packing fill length of 2.173 metres - this particular silencer is 22" long so using 300mm wide packing - will need 2.173 x 2 - & as the 2 x 300mm is a little over on length - if the extra length can be compressed in to the silencer - and the end cap fitted - the nearest  full metre length should work out ok.

 Inner Dia
LengthAccumulative length of packing  (mm)
Layer 1 79.5 249.79 249.79
Layer 2 95.5 300.06 549.85
Layer 3 111.5 350.33 900.18
Layer 4 127.5 400.61 1300.79
Layer 5 143.5 450.88 1751.67
Layer 6 159.5 501.15 2252.81

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