TZ350 Cylinder Head



The inserted head is one of the very best ways to ensure best performance with a TZ - in fact - it's "essential" - as it's by far the easiest way to set the squish correctly to avoid detonation - the engine will run far better & be more reliable - and the inserts can be replaced if you do happen to have any issues...

Please contact us about these heads (also spare /replacement inserts)

(We can adjust the squish by machining on our own jig if necessary - would
usually require the complete engine in the workshop to verify & setup for
maximum accuracy)

Note: Please speak to us about these heads - we will not sell these over the counter.

Please note - the price assumes a serviceable "exchange head" is available.
We need to see the head beforehand - if it has been skimmed below the thermostat housing level - it's probably not suitable for conversion - also - to take a standard outer O ring - the O ring groove depth needs to be 2.5mm.
We do have some heads in stock - but will not sell them without an exchange head in return - it's no easier - or cheaper for us to source heads when the stock has gone...
If we had to buy a head from "the Auction site" for conversion - average prices at the moment are around £299 - and you still have the conversion cost...
We have seen new heads available - as far as we can tell they do not have replaceable combustion chambers - so when they are damaged - you would still have the conversion cost - and at a cost of 450 euros + vat = 549 euros...


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